Word on the street is that Jason Taylor and Edyta Sliwinska are a safe bet for the big finale on Dancing with the Stars next week. In this week's post show Q & A with Jason he reveals who is more intimidating that Edyta and is stunned by Len's 10.

Have you ever had a school teacher as intimidating as Edyta?
Never-well, check that, Miss Wolpert in fifth grade. First day of class she yelled at me so loud and long for talking that I never said a word again until we left school in June!

Did you find it a bit ironic that Dan Marino grilled you about winning a championship?
It was great hearing from Dan because he was my mentor when I first got to Miami.

If winning Defensive Player of the Year is a 10, how would winning this competition rate?
A 9.9-Next to my family, football is still the passion of my life!

How badly is Cristian milking that arm injury?
Cristian is a trooper, he doesn't complain about it at all. It's everyone else who talks about it-makes for good TV.

How satisfying was Len's 10?
It was more shocking than satisfying when it happened, however, it was kind of like when I got my first real positive compliment from Jimmy Johnson, the head coach my rookie year with the Dolphins!

How do Len's moves compare to Edyta's?
Oh, Len's much better than Edyta!! Ask me again next week "after" the final voting!!

Are the trade rumors effecting your dancing?
Not at all-I'm too consumed with learning to dance and haven't thought at all about football.

Interview by Taylor Tepper

Starpulse contributing writer