It was rock week on Dancing With The Stars. It was also the first week in which the dancers had to learn two dancers, one individual dance and a competition dance in which they would be scored.

This meant that the competition was getting hotter and tougher.  This also meant the votes would mean more than ever when the night ended.

How did the dancers do?  Here is brief summary of each dancer’s performance, in order of performance:

Audrino Patridge and Tony Dovolani scored a 24 with their Paso Doble.  What did the judges think?  Len and Bruno both agreed that Audrina still lacked character when she danced.

Kyle Massey and Lacey Schwimmer scored a 23 with their Tango.  What did the judges say?  They were all in agreement that it was a much better performance.  Len even said that he was going to back him, that the dance was much better and that it was well done. 

Jennifer Gray and Derek Hough scored a 20 with their Paso Doble.  What did the judges say? They all seem to agree that she needed to calm down a bit.  Bruno said that she had the rage right, but she needed to tone it down a bit.

Rick Fox and Cheryl Burke scored a  24 with their Tango.  What did the judges say?  They all agreed that they did an excellent job.  Carrie Anne said that he did an amazing job.

Bristol Palin and Mark Ballas scored a 23 dancing a Tango.  What did the judges say?   They all agreed that Bristol had improved from last week in which she scored at the bottom of the leader board.  Carrie Ann said:  “Victory for Bristol.”  Len said: “Last week a chimp, this week almost a champ.”

Kurt Warner and Anna Treburnskaya scored a 18 dancing a Paso Doble.   What did the judges say?  Carrie Anne said that the dance didn’t have any polish.  Bruno said that he looked like he was doing Karate instead of Spanish dancing. 

Brandy Norwood and Maksim Cherkouskiy scored a 26 dancing a Tango.  What did the judges say? Len said it was the dance of the night.  Bruno said that their tango rocked.  Carrie Anne said that watching that dance gave her goosebumps.

After the individual dancing was completed, the dancers took part in a rock marathon.  All the dancers were on the floor at the same time.  A tap on the shoulder meant that the dancer was out of the competition.  When it got down to four couples, the couples were allowed to break out into their own freestyle dancing.  How did they do? 

Here is the order in which the dancers were tapped out, plus the scores the received:

Kurt  and Anna:   4 pts.

Bristol  and Mark:  5 pts.

Rick and Cheryl:  6 pts.

Kyle and Lacey:  7 pts.

Audrina and Tony:  8 pts.

Jennifer and Derek:  9 pts.

Brandy and Maks:  10 pts.

This meant that Brandy won both competitions tonight with a score of 36 and Kurt and Anna was at the bottom of the leader board with a score of 22.

Who will be going home tonight?  It will depend on the how the fans vote.  Remember tonight’s numbers doesn’t always matter in the end.