"The Dancing with the Stars" competition has definitely heated up. Tonight is elimination night, but it's almost safe to say Miami Dolphin's Jason Taylor and partner Edyta Sliwinska will make it to the semi-final round next week. Between his hectic 10-hour a day practice schedule, shooting an episode with Sesame Street, rubbing elbows with the likes of Denzel Washington and Al Pacino, and writing for ESPN, Jason answered a few post-show questions for us in this Q & A.

Was that your first spray-on tan?
My second. The first was by God-his lasts longer!!

How hot is it on the dance floor after completing the tango?
Hotter than normal for sure!! You really have to get into character-let's leave it at that!!

Which dance was more frustrating, the samba or jive?
I still think the jive was tougher. Maybe because it was earlier in the show and it was my first real quick dance.

DWTS - Jason Taylor with Edyta Sliwinska - Week 8 - Tango

Do you have a hand in your wardrobe selection? If so, what inspired the necklace during the samba?
Yes I do but I defer to Edyta on those selections since she's got the experience in that world. The necklace was rosary beads that my wife brought back from her grandfather's funeral.

Just to clarify for your audience, how much time do you have to learn each dance?
We practice 10 hours a day Wednesday through Sunday.

During this whole DWTS process, do you have time to enjoy California with your family?
Not at all but they are having a blast-that's all that matters. One of the best times we had was when I shot an episode of Sesame Street and the kids and I had a chance to spend time hanging with Grover!

Many athletes describe the benefits of taking yoga or ballet in the off-season, if you post another double digit sack total, especially at your age, do you think NFL players will be lining up to take dance lessons?
Absolutely-a defensive line coach my agent knows told him he wants to get his guys working with Edyta. He likes the explosive "quick twitch" movement and flexibility in the hips-makes for a better pass rusher!

Interview by Taylor Tepper
Starpulse contributing writer