Dancing With The Stars is always up for trying something new. This week it was "Team Dancing" where half the couples still in the competition were put against the other half to boost their scores. But first, each couple had to perform a dance they had not done previously.

Up first, Warren Sapp and Kym Johnson dancing the foxtrot. Kym took Warren to watch a professional foxtrot class and pick up some tips for the male part. Warren didn't impress the judges, however. He received the lowest ballroom score, prior to the additional points from the team dance. Len Goodman, back from his vacation last week, said the dance was not a classic foxtrot and that Warren looked heavy on his feet. Bruno Tonioli agreed and noted that Warren's technique was not improving week to week. Carrie Ann Inaba said he didn't look secure in his dancing, but Warren claimed it was because he wasn't wearing the right shoes. He earned 21 out of 30 for his foxtrot.

Susan Lucci and partner Tony Dovolani were up next to dance the paso doble. Susan has been encouraged by the judges week to week to come out of her shell. Tony wanted Susan to use this frustration to make her paso doble shine on the dance floor. While I still don't see the appeal in Susan's dancing, the judges were pleased. Bruno said it was a job well done. Len said her paso showcased passion and drama. Carrie Ann went so far as to make Susan proclaim to everyone that she was doing well! She received three eights for her efforts, giving her a grand total of 24.

Another minor injury occurred this week during rehearsal for Maurice Greene. He hyper extended his leg, but seemed to be doing fine during his performance. Len called Maurice's rendition of the cha cha cha his best dance yet. Carrie Ann felt that he truly brought his A-game and Bruno said happy days had returned to Maurice again. With a nine from Len and two eights from Bruno and Carrie Ann, Warren tied for second place with a first round score of 25.

Cody Linley was the next up to dance, with his new partner Edyta due to Julianne Hough's surgery. He was charged to dance the Viennese Waltz. This sophisticated dance didn't suit Cody well, at least not in the judges' opinion. Len gave Cody the benefit of the doubt that it takes awhile to get comfortable with a new partner. But, Len's biggest concern was that he didn't look comfortable doing the dance, not dancing with Edyta. Bruno was harsh and compared Cody to a bird unable to fly. Luckily for Cody, Carrie Ann thought the waltz was great and that he would have made Julianne proud. Unfortunately for Cody he only received a 22, which after the combined scores from the team dancing put him at the bottom of the leader board.

After finally reaching the top spot last week, Lance Bass and Lacey Schwimmer decided to take a risk. They chose to dance the romantic rumba without their shoes on. This debate caused an argument between Lance and Lacey due to Lance's injured toe hurting when he wasn't wearing shoes. Lacey snapped and claimed it was because of Lance's negative attitude. The two reconciled, of course, and performed a nice rumba. Bruno thought it was seductive and romantic with a contemporary spin. Carrie Ann was confused with the risk and rebellion against practically nothing, but thought that the risk paid off in the long run. But Len didn't get it. He called Lance flat footed and said he needed to cut the nonsense. Bruno and Carrie Ann both awarded Lance with a 9, but Len was stubborn and only gave him a seven, leaving him with a second place 25.

Of course that only leaves Brooke Burke fighting to take the top spot away from Lance. Brooke dances the ballroom style dances very well and this week with the foxtrot was no exception. She said that not being on top gave her and partner Derek Hough the necessary push to put more into the competition. Carrie Ann was wowed, Len thought it was truly fantastic and Bruno called it beautiful and thrilling, giving Brooke the first perfect score of the season, a 30.

As for the team dances, Susan Lucci and Warren Sapp were designated as team captains and the celebrities would be judged on their teamwork and individual dancing. This dance would count for half of each team member's total score for the night. Team Cha Cha was composed of Susan, Lance and Cody while Team Paso Doble consisted of Brooke, Warren and Maurice.

Team Cha Cha performed first and it wasn't pretty. Len acknowledged that performing in a formation is completely different than an individual performance. Bruno and Len both claimed that Lance and Lacey saved the team and Carrie Ann said the whole thing was brutal to watch. Each star only received 20 additional points to their previous ballroom score.

Dancing with the Stars Team 1 Cha Cha

Team Paso Doble's performance was much better, in comparison. Bruno said they actually were together and performed like a team. Carrie Ann described the dance as magical. Len did point out, however, that formation is easier to keep in a march style dance rather than a syncopated one like the cha cha cha. Overall, Len agreed with Bruno and Carrie Ann and decided this team's dance was better and more enjoyable than the other one. Each star on this team received 29 extra points.

Dancing with the Stars Team 2 Paso Doble

With something new happening each week, who knows what's in store for Dancing With The Stars next?

Story by Beth Wickman

Starpulse contributing writer