It’s the finals this week on Dancing With the Stars and we are as anxious as you are to see who will take home the mirror ball. After a performance from the reigning champ, Kellie Pickler, Bill and Emma start off the night with the Viennese Waltz. After a pep talk from Len during practice, you can tell that Bill has really showed improvement on his Waltz. How can you not love Bill? The judges agree and give Bill and Emma a 24. But can Corbin and Karina show them how it’s done with the quickstep? Clearly he was listening to all of Len’s advice and pulls off a total score of 27.

Jack and Cheryl are still on a high from last week and will be performing the Jive again, the one dance that he had some issues with. Can he overcome his weaknesses and show the judges how its done? Clad in his cute suspenders, Jack and Cheryl show the judges that they have been working on their moves but still only score a 24. After scoring a perfect 40 last week, can Amber and Derek show the judges that they can also kick ass on the Charleston? After a kicking crash course two on one with Carrie Ann, the two killed it on the dance floor and score a total of 30. Will Amber and Derek be the couple to take home the trophy next week?

The couples will next compete in a Samba relay dancing back-to-back Sambas to add a few extra points to their overall scores. What’s better than that? They will be dancing to a live performance of “No Scrubs” by TLC. Amazing! Judging by the energy that she brought to the floor, we think Amber and Derek will be getting those extra points. But who can’t smile when they are watching Bill? The winners of the Samba challenge? Corbin and Karina.

Our favorite part of the finals in Dancing With the Stars is the freestyle because of the fun moves and the tricks that are up the professional’s sleeves. Bill and Emma are dancing an Indiana Jones themed freestyles equipped with Bill starting off the dance on a rope swing. The two put on an entertaining dance (Bill even rips off his shirt) and score a 25 with the judges, making their total for the night a 51. Corbin and Karina travel to Vegas to work with Michael Jackson’s choreographer Travis Payne in preparation for their “Smooth Criminal” performance. They have to step up their game to beat Amber and Derek and bring in extra dancers to help them out on their tricks. They absolutely killed it and scored a perfect 30 bringing their total up to a 62.

Jack is really hurting after his first two dances but will attempt to show the judges that he won’t let his pain stop his game in the freestyle routine. He and Cheryl go for a more classic style and also receive a perfect 30 making their total for the night a 57. Amber and Derek are putting some stepping into their routine to show the judges that they are the ones who should take home the mirror ball trophy. All we can say is ‘Wow!’ The judges clearly agree and give the couple a score of 30 making their total for the night a 64.

After an amazing night, the couple who won’t be returning tomorrow night is Bill and Emma. Who will be taking home the mirror ball trophy and be named the champions? Tune in tomorrow night to find out!