Scores: Ricki - 30, J.R. - 28, Rob - 26

I totally disagree.  Rob got... well, robbed.  He and J.R. should have been in reversed positions, at the very least.

Who took third place?  Ricki.

Wow.  I really did not expect that; in my mind she was going to take first or second place, especially with all the struggling J.R.’s been going through.  Looks like Derek’s streak has been broken!

So to fill the time until the second round, while the remaining stars rehearsed, we got a trip down memory lane, revisiting each week of this season.  All of the previous stars then took turns on stage to either relive some or their memorable dances, or give us a whole new performance.  Some highlights: Elisabetta almost shoved Val off his feet, then later his brother Maks swung Hope out into the lights that lined the stage. Chynna and Tony got a redo on the dance that got them sent home . Carson got his wish to dance with a Chmerkovskiy in his own version of Madonna's “Vogue”, and  David tried to run away with the trophy.

That probably covers it, so...

Instant Samba Round:
Len gave them his own little standing O. Bruno said J.R. could turn the party on at will, and Rob was beyond the rainbow last week, but in orbit this week. Carrie Ann said both of them were winners.


Aw, of course the judges final critiques were very diplomatic.  In this case, though, it didn’t feel forced. Rob and J.R. both did equally well, and their scores reflected that: both of them got three tens, leaving their final totals at 112 for J.R. and for 113 Rob. Yiiiikes, only one judges point separated the final two.  

So who won the mirror ball trophy? J.R.!

Well, Rob did hold on to the top spot in the judges scores, at least.  Given the last couple weeks, I feel like Rob or Ricki deserved the trophy the most, but I can’t feel too disappointed in J.R.’s win. Not only was he a great competitor with an amazing spirit, this was the first time Karina has come out on top after performing on the show for ten seasons. The season has been unpredictable, and the finale was too, for the first time in a while. Great night!

Now I suppose I twiddle my fingers and just dream about dancing until March. See you all then!

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