Season 8 of the hit reality show, Dancing With the Stars premieres March 9th but more excitingly, the cast will be announced on February 9th! DWTS isn't just for has-been teen idols and D-list stars anymore; everyone wants to get on the hit show! It boosts the star's popularity and they end up getting in incredible shape! Celebrities on the show go from almost forgotten to back on top nearly overnight!

When the press announces the celebrities that will be dancing on the show, the list always seems so random, but after the first episode all the pieces of the puzzle start to come together. There always seems to be that star with an ailment, a few stars that you never thought you'd see on television again and a few pro athletes who seem to be natural dancers.

While we await the announcement of who will be on this season's show, here is our Dancing With the Stars Fantasy cast.

Kevin Federline - Kevin is best known as Britney Spears' ex husband and father of her two children. Being on DWTS would give him a chance to show his personality and possibly reveal that he is more that a fertile, chain smoking wannabe rapper. Why would he be a great pick? Kevin is a former backup dancer so he would most likely make it past the first round. But then again, can you picture KFed doing the waltz?