And then there were three. Brooke, Lance and Warren are all anxiously awaiting their chance to win the mirror ball trophy. And even though the political season is behind us, the three finalists wanted to remind the viewers why they should receive the most votes.

Brooke Burke showcased her best two dances, the foxtrot and the paso doble. She also reminded everyone that she has been the highest scorer 80% of the competition. Lance Bass reminded everyone of his chart-topping mambo performance from last week and his Rihanna rip-off tango. Lance also pointed out that he has been the only one to beat Brooke with the judges' scores this season. As far as Warren Sapp was concerned, he was the ultimate crowd pleaser. He reminded the audience of this Matrix-esque paso doble and his sophisticated Viennese Waltz.

All three finalists competed with the same dance to the same song. The "Samba Smack-down" started with Brooke and Derek, graced by Lance and Lacey in the middle, and concluded with Warren and Kym.

Head judge Len Goodman said that all three couples performed the samba better this time around than any had previously in the competition. Of course, Len is always the stickler for technique and pointed out that Lance lacked finesse and Warren's footwork wasn't graceful. Len, who seems to favor Brooke uncontrollably, said she was and still is the one to beat. Bruno has Brooke fever as well. He said she was dazzling and sexy. He did, however, have nicer things to say about Lance. Bruno described Lance's dancing as clean and tight and said he had gained remarkable confidence. Bruno, like Len, pointed out Warren's lack of technique. Bruno can't get over Warren's sense of fun, though.

If the boys are obsessed with Brooke, it's not a surprise that Carrie Ann Inaba is obsessed with Warren Sapp. She said he was the most impressive dancer, even if he was the most technically weak dancer too. She believed that Lance's dancing momentum was gaining at just the right time. As far as Brooke was concerned, Carrie Ann said that she was technical and fantastic, but slightly over ambitious in the samba.

The samba smack-down resulted as such: Brooke in first place with a score of 28, Lance in second with a score of 26, and Warren coming in third with one point less than Lance, a 25. Brooke was the only finalist to receive a ten in the first round of competition.

Then it was time for the freestyle round. Brooke was up first with a semi-injured Derek. Brooke wanted to do a lot of lifts, but all the practice took a toll on Derek's back. But, nevertheless, the two came out shining in their Grease-like costumes dancing to "The One That I Want." Bruno cleverly commented that Brooke was the "one that we all wanted." Carrie Ann said she always brought a level of integrity to the dances and was highly impressed. Her biggest fan, Len, said that her performance was the best freestyle routine he'd ever seen. I'd beg him to go back a few seasons and rethink his claim. All three judges gave her a ten, giving her the highest combined total, 58 out of 60.

Lance decided he wanted to perform a hip-hop routine for his freestyle. He also wanted to stay true to the hip-hop nature and not do any lifts. Last week Lacey was the one lifting him, so maybe he's not strong enough! Anyway, "Lancey" performed their dance to Run DMC's "It's Tricky." Carrie Ann didn't think that Lance's slight inclusion of a ballroom dance fit with his true hip hop attempt. Len liked the inclusion and was very pleased with Lance's performance. Bruno called the dance "youthful, vibrant and exciting." Lance and Lacey fell short of Brooke by three points, unfortunately. The judges' gave Lance all 9's leaving him with a total score of 53 out of 60.

Last, but not least, was Warren Sapp and Kym Johnson. Kym said in the confessional that she thought they were the underdogs in this competition. Staying true to Warren's entertaining spirit, the two performed a number to Tina Turner's "Rollin on the River" and stole a few moves from Tina herself. Len believed that Warren lacked technique (can't these judges come up with a more creative way to word this??) but gave him a 10 solely for entertainment value. Bruno said that resisting the Warren sensation was a futile effort and gave him a 9. Carrie Ann (who already ridiculously favors him) said it was her favorite freestyle routine of the night. Warren ended up with a 28 for the second round, making him tied with Lance's 53 out of 60 overall.

Viewer votes will probably make all the difference in determining this season's winner, because if it were up to the judges' Brooke would have won during the second week.

Make sure to tune in tonight to see who wins the mirror ball trophy on Dancing With The Stars.

Story by Beth Wickman

Starpulse contributing writer