It’s Country Week on “Dancing with the Stars”.  This week the couples must perform two dances – their solos, which must include a celebrity solo, and a Freestyle group number.

Since there were no eliminations last week the scores and votes are being carried over to this week.

After a live performance from Little Big Town and the DWTS Troupe, Giles and Peta performed a Cha Cha to the Shania Twain hit “Man, I Feel Like a Woman”.  The judges called the performance sexy, full on, and creative.  Giles and Peta earned 27.5 points for their dance.

Sabrina and Louis performed an emotional Rumba that the judges called stunning, breathtaking, and fantastic.  Sabrina and Louis earned the first perfect score of the season.

Kelly and Valentin performed a Tango that was called sultry, had attack, and a nice comeback.  Kelly and Valentine scored 27 points for their Tango.

A still ailing Melissa and Tony performed a Viennese Waltz that the judges said had great technique with beautiful lines.  Bruno compared Melissa’s solo to Cyd Cherise.  Melissa and Tony scored 29.5 points for their dance.

After hurting her knee during group rehearsal Shawn and Derek performed a Cha Cha that the judges called sexy and fantastic, but they had too many gimmicks for Len’s taste.  Shawn and Derek scored 28 points for their Cha Cha.

Kristie and Maks performed a Rumba that had Carrie Ann calling Kristie queen of sexy.  The judges called the performance passionate drama, gorgeous, clean, and classy.  Kristie and Maks scored their highest points this season with a 27.5.

Apolo and Karina performed a Viennese Waltz that had Len comparing Apolo to the Roman god and Bruno saying he was a graceful leading man.  Earning the second perfect score of the night, Apolo and Karina performed what Carrie Ann called Apolo’s breakthrough number.

The last solo performance of the night was a Foxtrot from Emmitt and Cheryl to “Islands in the Stream”.  The judges called the performance fun and entertaining.  Emmitt and Cheryl scored 26.5 points for their dance.

The final performance of the night was the Freestyle group number where the judges would award two bonus points to the most entertaining couple.  Len said the dance was full of tricks and full of treats.   Kristie and Maks won the bonus points.

Country Week scores:
Emmitt and Cheryl – 26.5
Kelly and Valentin - 27
Giles and Peta – 27.5
Kristie and Maks – 27.5
Shawn and Derek - 28
Melissa and Tony – 29.5
Sabrina and Louis – 30
Apolo and Karina - 30

Total scores:
Kelly and Valentin – 78.5
Kristie and Maks – 82
Emmitt and Cheryl – 83.5
Giles and Peta – 84
Shawn and Derek – 85.5
Melissa and Tony – 86
Apolo and Karina – 86.5
Sabrina and Louis – 88.5