On night two of “Dancing with the Stars” Guilty Pleasures week four more couples performed their solo dances; while the second team performed their Freestyle dance.

Melissa and Tony kicked things off with a Frankenstein Tango that the judges called sexy, hot, intoxicating, and sharp.  Melissa and Tony scored 27 points for their Tango; added to the team dance from Monday they have a total of 56.5 points.

Shawn and Derek performed a “Titanic” Rumba to “My Heart Will Go On”.  Bruno and Carrie Ann found the dance stunning, awesome, and passionate; but Len felt dance had no hip action.  Shawn and Derek scored 27 points for their Rumba and have a total of 56.5 points.

Apolo and Karina performed a Samba to the Rick James song “Give it to Me Baby” that the judges called fantastic, sexy, and sharp.  Apolo and Karina scored 27 points for a total of 56.5 points.

Sabrina and Louis ended the solo performances with a fairy tale performance from “Cinderella”.  Bruno called the performance a magic carpet ride to an enchanted kingdom.  Sabrina and Louis earned the highest score of the night with 29 points and have a total of 58.5 points to take over the top spot on the leader board.

Team “Gangnam Style” – Emmit and Cheryl, Kelly and Valenti, Kristie and Maks, and Giles and Peta – gave a wild and crazy performance that had host Tom Bergeron saying it was the most fun he had in 15 seasons of the show.  Len said it was the craziest performance he had ever seen.  The team scored 27 points for their dance.

All of the scores from this week will be carried over to next week when the stars will face Country Week with performances from Big and Rich, Little Big Town, and Cowboy Troy.

Kelly and Valentine – 24.5
Kristie and Maks – 25.5
Melissa and Tony – 27
Shawn and Derek – 27
Apolo and Karina – 27
Emmitt and Cheryl - 29
Sabrina and Louis – 29
Giles and Peta – 29.5

Total scores:
Kelly and Val – 51.5
Kristie and Maks – 52.5
Emmitt and Cheryl – 56
Giles and Peta – 56.5
Melissa and Tony – 56.5
Shawn and Derek – 56.5
Apolo and Karina – 56.5
Sabrina and Louis – 58.5