Last night four new dances were added to the Dancing With The Stars competition: West Coast Swing, Salsa, Hustle and the Jitterbug. While these dances aren't officially new to the dancing world, some of the professionals had to resort to the internet for their own knowledge to be able to teach their star. A male and female celebrity each took a shot at the new dances back to back for the audience and the judges' comparisons.

The West Coast Swing was performed by Lance Bass and Lacey Schwimmer along with Toni Braxton and Alec Mazo. Lance was up first, but most of his critiques were not about his dancing ability. The judges were highly displeased with Lacey's choreography and her inability to showcase Lance more than herself. Bruno Tonioli went so far as to say "The show is called 'Dancing With The Stars' not 'Dance Around The Stars'" Lance received the lowest score of the night, a 21. With that in mind, Toni didn't have too much hype to live up to from the previous performance. She did feel like she had everything to prove and was looking for a breakthrough with this performance. Unfortunately, Carrie Ann Inaba said that didn't happen this week. Len Goodman and Bruno both wanted her to bring some more excitement to the dance floor. Toni only received one point higher than Lance, giving her a 22 for the evening.

Toni & Alec - West Coast Swing

The Hustle was given to Warren Sapp and Kym Johnson along with Susan Lucci and Tony Dovolani. Susan performed first, with two fractured bones in her foot. It looked like she spent most of her rehearsal time this week in the ER trying to figure out what the pain was. The doctors said it was okay to continue dancing, but she would have to figure out how to dance through the pain. Luckily for Susan, the Hustle required big boots that looked fairly supportive around her ankle. But, despite the fact that Susan went to the original Studio 54, the judges weren't overly impressed. Len told Tony to stop treating Susan like a breakable China doll and Bruno said that she didn't look ready for Times Square. She received a low 22 for her performance. However, front runner Warren Sapp didn't score all that high either. Kym said she had made the choreography more challenging this week for Warren, but it didn't show through the performance. Warren's comments from the judges were all excellent; they said they loved it, enjoyed it and that "he really knew how to funk!" Irregardless, Warren only received a 25, one of his lowest scores in the entire competition.

The third new dance introduced to the competition was the Salsa. Cloris Leachman and Corky Ballas were up first. Corky said it was good to have this dance for Cloris because it provided her a character to "get into." That character, she later told Samantha Harris, was a "skanky ho." Bruno said he was pleased she actually performed the salsa, even though she looked like she did it with a pitcher of margaritas in her. Len simply said he was glad to have someone older than him still on the show. Cloris tied Lance for the lowest score of the evening, a 21. Her competition, Maurice Greene and Cheryl Burke, put up a very good fight, and looked excellent in comparison! Cheryl had a tough time this week teaching Maurice the salsa because she mainly teaches ballroom dance. This brought tension between the two, even leading to Cheryl calling Maurice lazy and apathetic. The hard work and scolding paid off, however, giving Maurice the third highest score of the night, a 27. Len said Maurice went out on the dance floor and "gave it his all." Carrie Ann even felt the need to hug Maurice after his great performance.

Lastly, it was brother versus sister performing the Jitterbug. Brooke Burke and Derek Hough were in direct competition against Derek's younger sister Julianne and her partner Cody Linley. Derek, like Cheryl was very unfamiliar with the new dancing style, so he researched "jitterbug 101" on the internet. Despite the initial lack of knowledge, the judges felt that Brooke was able to perform any dance consistently at the top of the pack. She received two tens (from Bruno and Carrie Ann) giving her the highest score of the evening, a 29. But, don't count Cody out. Julianne did her own research, by snooping on Derek and Brooke's practice session. They held their own on the dance floor and received much deserved praise from the judges. Carrie Ann said it was the perfect dance for Cody and he was going to give Brooke a run for her money. Bruno said the dance looked more like a "firebug" than a jitterbug. Cody received a 28, the second highest score of the evening. The judges were even booed by the audience for not giving him something higher.

Julianne Hough & Cody Linley Dancing with The Stars Jitter Bug

Looks like the competition is getting fierce, most everyone left has talent, so we'll just have to wait and see who can dance well enough to win that coveted mirror ball trophy!

Story by Beth Wickman

Starpulse contributing writer