Alfred Hitchcock biopics have suffered some false starts. One was to star Sir Anthony Hopkins. Now you may have to settle for Dan Fogler, the fruit fornicating best friend from Good Luck Chuck. He's set to play young Hitchcock.

"I knew the movies that everyone knows, Psycho and The Birds but I had to do a lot of research with the books," Fogler said. "I really focused on his early stuff because that's what it's about. It's like Hitchcock in Love, it's about him in his early twenties just finding himself as an artist, as a director."

Well, if Shakespeare in Love suggested a forbidden romance inspired Romeo and Juliet, perhaps we'll find out young Alfred had some mommy issues. Sorry, that's a spoiler if you've never seen Psycho.

"It gives you more freedom because people aren't as familiar with young Hitchcock as they are with older Hitchcock. But it's a lot harder in a lot of ways because you have to play his origins. You have to play the seeds of that character everyone knows. It's a fine line. It's more freedom because you can fall for the trap of being a caricature if you're playing older Hitchcock."

Fogler expects to start shooting at the end of the year.

Interview by Fred Topel

Starpulse contributing writer

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