Actress Dakota Fanning had a tattoo treat in store for her when she appeared on comedian George Lopez's late-night talk show Monday night - her inked idol Kat Von D surprised her with fake skin art.

The "I Am Sam" star promised her mother she'd never have a real tattoo, but that didn't stop the reality TV star from creating a design for her.

Fanning told host Lopez, "When I was 11 she made me sign a contract and it said, 'I will not ever get a tattoo...' I had to sign my name, and my sister had to do the same thing."

But when the host invited Kat Von D to be a part of the show, Fanning agreed to let her draw a design on her right arm.

The artist crafted a "cherry bomb" with 'Dakota' written underneath it in honor of the actress' new movie "The Runaways", who had a hit with the single "Cherry Bomb".

The teenager said, "I love it, I really love it."

Fanning's temporary tattoo will wash off, so Kat Von D gave the young actress a framed design as a keepsake.


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