(Starpulse in Hollywood): Every week, Hollywood's biggest stars are meeting in the hot spots of Beverly Hills, and Starpulse is there. This week in Hollywood has dueling Dakota Fannings at the box office and Jason Voorhees putting his hockey mask on for the first time...again.

Child prodigy Dakota Fanning had to do double rounds to ensure that both of her films, Push and Coraline, will open big this coming Friday. At only 14, she's got the star power to rule the box office twice. The massive teen phenomenon Twilight, on the other hand, doesn't need her help.

"Twilight" made stars out of its actors Kristen Stewart and Robert Pattinson. Now all the A-listers want in. Fanning is up for a role in the sequel, New Moon, and so far "Twilight" fans have approved her.

"I know that Twilight is so sacred to some people and I know that when people cast certain people, people have their opinions and that's their right. That's very flattering that they think I'd be right for the part and I hope it works out," she told Starpulse.

Listen to Dakota Fanning discuss possible Twilight role

Fanning would join the series as the character Jane, who is introduced in the second book. And it's all about the work, not that money and popularity. "I just think the character is what I would be excited about," she explained. "It's kind of evil, something I've never done before, and it's a vampire. You know, it's really cool so I really hope that it works out."

She'd better hurry up and get reading. There are four books in the series, and the second movie is set to shoot this year. "I haven't read all four yet. I'm working on it. Getting there. I'm just about to finish the first one," she admitted.

Story by Fred Topel

Starpulse contributing writer