Actress Cynthia Nixon has signed up to play Emily Dickinson in new biopic A Quiet Passion.

British director Terence Davies reveals he wrote the script with Nixon in mind, and is thrilled she has agreed to portray the reclusive poet in his film.
He tells The Hollywood Reporter, "It was the kind of dream casting you hope for. I never, for a moment, imagined my wishes would materialize. Cynthia has such a strong feeling for the work - and now she is our Emily Dickinson. I'm over the moon."
Nixon insists she was so moved by Davies' story she couldn't say no to the part, adding, "When I read what Terence had written, I was consumed by the character he had so beautifully put on the page. Emily Dickinson's words and Terence's somehow dovetail to create a heady elixir. When I put the script down, I knew it was a story that I simply have to be part of."