I would never make a great claim to be a master of the BBQ or know how to work every tech device in my home. So when I got some hands-on time with the CyberQ Wi-Fi over the last few months, I knew I was outmatched. But the device might be perfect for the tech-savvy griller in your house, whether they love cooking in the oven or they’re eagerly anticipating BBQ season to begin again in a few short months.

The CyberQ Wi-Fi not only allows you to monitor the temperature of items cooking on your charcoal grills or smoker, but you can control it directly from any WiFi-enabled device or through an Internet browser. You can even set email alerts.

The CyberQ Wi-Fi can monitor temperatures from 32°F to 475°F and displays cooking temperature on a digital read-out in degrees Fahrenheit or Celsius for up to three different foods. You can scroll through the display to find the temperatures, time and status.

The UI wasn’t intuitive enough that you could figure it out without the manual, but once you got the hang of it, it did indeed all make sense.

Like other thermometers, put a food probe in your food and then plug it into the unit. The CyberQ Wi-Fi will even detect when the pit’s lid is open to “minimize the temperature disturbance and recover quickly to the set point.” That’s huge important if you’re constantly checking something for sight, in addition to monitoring its internal temperatures.

(Or you have a nosy friend who just wants to smell the meat.)

The CyberQ Wi-Fi is a bit pricey at $295.00 for newbie, but it seems like it’s with good reason. Master BBQers will find a lot of ways to use the device and will likely appreciate the fact that you can monitor three different items, while most devices of this nature only let you do one.

You can learn more at www.TheBBQGuru.com.

* Disclosure: A CyberQ Wi-Fi was provided to this reviewer for the purposes of this write-up. *