CDProjekt Red released a new CG teaser trailer for it's sci-fi themed roleplaying adventure yesterday. And man - you should be excited.

For those who don't know, Cyberpunk 2077 is based off the lore from the Cyberpunk 2020 Pen and Paper Roleplaying game, initially debuting in the late 80s.

We haven't been shown any game play, but I'm not worried - because these are from the geniuses who brought us the masterpieces that were the Witcher games. Enough said, as far as I am concerned.

So what is Cyberpunk? Lemme' esplain - no, there is too much; lemme' sum up.

The Song is "Bullets" by Archive

The game will inevitably take place in Night City - a fictional and teeming metropolis on the western seaboard, in modern day California. The USA, with the exception of some isolated urban centers has become largely a third world country, along with most of the world. Few actual governments still remain above the local level. Instead, global political power is fought over by powerful megacorporations. (That's not so far fetched, now is it?)

The series emphasizes high technology, cybernetic implants, morally ambiguous interpretations of humanity, the war between man and machine, the ethics of electronic hacking and computerized terror, displacing populations and oppressive, Big Brother-esque autocracies. The art style looks to be dark, and gritty, not unlike Bladerunner with a dash of 'grimdark" Warhammer 40K. Basically, everything you need to make a more modern and edgy Orwellian sci-fi.

The trailer contains a cyborg woman, covered in the blood and surrounded by the bodies of murdered humans. This could potentially be one of the "Corpore Metal" or "C-Metals"; a society of cybernetic humanoids, who have seemingly started an anti-human terror campaign. This of course, is just speculation. Interestingly enough, the female soldier, at the end of the video also seems to be cybernetic in some way - evident by the metallic scratch across her cheek.

The SWAT looking soldiers are almost certainly Militech personnel; contracted defense mercenaries that function both as military and domestic police forces,in an age without government sponsored law enforcement. Militech utilizes all sorts of high technology, floating cars, cybernetic implants (Deus Ex style) and really awesome guns.

Aside from that, details on the actual game, characters and mechanics are non existent. But until the masters at CDProjekt Red release more, we are all free to dream.