Willow Smith's latest single, "Summer Fling," has created a stir online for its lyrics and music video.

The twelve-year-old Smith has jumped on the Summer anthem train, writing a tune about how it sucks that the season only lasts for so long and how Summer romances never seem to last. However, some people have a problem with a girl not quite in her teens singing lines like, "You tell me I'm the one / I tell you it's just for fun."

The video itself is fairly tame, other than the fact that Willow's target of adoration appears to be a guy who would be in jail if he was dating a twelve year-old. Several of Willow's video friends have multiple piercings and tattoos, something that might set off a few alarms for a parent.

Perhaps it shouldn't be a surprise this is what Willow considers to be a normal Summer, since her parents have noted they refuse to discipline their kids. Who didn't want to hang out with the older kids when they were in junior high?

Several users have taken to Twitter to voice their displeasure, calling the video "uncomfortable to watch." One user wrote, "If my 12yo 'walked the beach at midnight' w/ her older boyfriend we'd have problems." Another joked, "She needs to go live with her Aunty and Uncle in Bel Air."

What do you think of Willow's new song?