In order to diversify the face of DC Comics, The Green Lantern's alter-ego Alan Scott will be reintroduced as a homosexual man.

The controversial decision has horrified some right-wing groups. Christian group One Million Moms launched a letter-writing campaign earlier this week asking DC to cancel their plans to introduce a gay mainstream superhero. DC executives and writers of the comic have defended their decision.

The Green Lantern is one of comic's most enduring and recognizable superheroes. The character has fought crime in graphic novels for 72 years.

The character Alan Scott was introduced in All American Comics #16 in 1940. He was a railway engineer who finds a magic lantern, turns it into a ring with superpowers, and fights crime. Scott gets married twice and has children.

Ryan Reynolds recently played a heterosexual Green Lantern in a film of the same day. He romanced Carol Ferris, played by Blake Lively.