This week the seven remaining makeup artists faced a double elimination with a double paint job when they were challenged to create an undiscovered species that could live in one of the ecosystems found on the Earth. The creature would have to have one paint scheme for ambient light and a second visible only under ultraviolet light - a bioluminescent creature.

Meagan - the last female in the competition - was not feeling well and ended up going to the hospital. It turned out that she had food poisoning. She returned for day two a little worse for wear but ready to work.

Meagan was having trouble with her concept but Eric F. was going big but felt the risk was worth taking; but Eric Z went just the opposite and took the simplistic route trying to make sure he had his creature completed in time.

When McKenzie and Michael came to the lab for their walkthrough, Michael reminded all of the artists of how important the two paint schemes and creating a unique look were to the challenge

On the reveal stage film producer Jon Jandau joined Glenn Hetrick, Ve Neill, and Neville Page at the judging table. Landau said that he was excited to see what the artists had come up with for their creatures.

After the reveal and closer looks the judges made their comments...
The judges said that Kris had a stylized piece that involved some pretty cool things and looked better under the black light.

Ve said that House's creature was familiar but not beautiful nor was she thrilled with the view under black lights and called the creature's hands atrocious. The judges called it not even organized chaos.

The judges noted that Anthony put a lot of work into his creature with some really beautiful things. The asymmetry felt natural and Landau said that he could see the creature on Pandora.

After having trouble with her concept, the judges felt that Meagan tried to mix too many things together; adding that they were disappointed in the result. Noting that she had been sick, Gleen wondered whether or not it would have made any difference even if she hadn't been sick.

The judges loved a lot of what Wayne had done with his creature; adding that it showed significant improvement over his past few creations. The judges were impressed with his face and chest sculptures.

Ve said that Eric Z's creature looked like a big cookie monster - albeit a brown one. The judges said that the piece had no originality, was not suitable for film, and the bioluminescent painting looked like a child's finger-painting.

The judges said that Eric F's creation was a great idea that looked great under the black light. Ve loved the creature's leg painting under the black light.

The top looks for the week were Anthony and Wayne but Eric Z, House, and Meagan were at the bottom and up for elimination.

Saying that he had some phenomenal sculpting, Glenn named Anthony the winner. After two week in the bottom, Anthony made a return to his winning ways.

Wayne, Eric F, and Kris were safe.

With a double elimination, two of the bottom three - Meagan, House, and Eric Z - would be going home. Meagan was the first eliminated ensuring that the season four winner would be another guy. Eric Z was also eliminated but got a reprieve - at least for now - in the redemption episode when he won the nightmare clown challenge over Jenna and Meagan. The online short "Face off Redemption" that offers the eliminated artists a chance to earn a spot of season five of "Face Off" by competing against their fellow eliminated artists.

Next week it's a trip back in time to the other side of the planet.