British rock icon Jack Bruce has called for Simon Cowell's extermination - because he believes the music mogul is single-handedly wrecking the industry.

The Cream star insists so many great acts would never have made it in the 1960s if Cowell had been a major part of the music business - and the bass player fears for the future of music under svengalis like the man behind TV talent shows The X Factor and Britain's Got Talent.

Bruce tells Britain's Uncut magazine, "He should be exterminated.

"You can pretty much guarantee that had that bastard Cowell been around at the beginning of the '60s, he would have stopped it all from happening: 'Bob Dylan, sing in tune and stop whining, you big-nosed bastard'. No, he's a human fire blanket. A vile individual."

Bruce isn't the only legend taking aim at Cowell - Elton John and The Who frontman Roger Daltrey have also recently blasted the star maker for filling the charts with overnight sensations.