Courteney Cox will do anything for her dogs, including peeing on her pets' "pooch potty" on her balcony so they'll do the same thing.

The actress recently moved into a 25th floor condo with her daughter Coco and dogs Hopper and Harley. She bought the dogs a patch of grass to use late at night. However, the fussy pups were reluctant to use it.

Cox told Ellen DeGeneres in a pre-taped interview, which will air today, "I'm like, 'How am I going to work this out? I could walk them at 10 p.m. at night but what if they have to go in the middle of the night? I can't leave Coco.
"I thought, 'It's (grass patch) going to come with some coyote pee or something, so the dogs want to mark where someone else has marked... but it didn't.
"It does sound weird but back in the day that was a way to get your dogs to go in certain areas. But this didn't come with anything.  Hopper and Harley would not go. I tried and I tried and it's getting late and I can't leave Coco in the condo by herself while I take them out... so I just thought, 'To hell with it. I'll mark the grass.' So I did... I didn't think it through... but I will say Hopper peed on my pee."

However, her plan backfired slightly. "Unfortunately, a new grass pad comes weekly... Once a week I'll be peeing (on it). (That said) can I tell you how rewarding it is to pee outside on grass?"

Cox's series "Cougar Town" returns with new episodes on TBS on Jan. 8.