A colossal war epic, Nomad: The Warrior blazes onto DVD July 24, 2007 from Genius Products LLC and The Weinstein Company. This gripping war epic set in 18th century Kazakhstan follows a young warrior king that must unite disparate clans against an onslaught of besieging enemy hordes.

Featuring some of Hollywood's hottest rising actors, Nomad: The Warrior stars Jason Scott Lee (Dragon: The Bruce Lee Story) as Oraz, the warrior king's spiritual guru, Jay Hernandez (Hostel, Crazy/Beautful), Kuno Becker (Goal! The Dream Begins) and Mark Dacascos (Cradle 2 the Grave, The Crow: Stairway to Heaven).

Nominated for a Golden Globe® for best original score, Nomad: The Warrior exemplifies the classic war epic genre with illustrious action packed battles scenes and visually stunning landscapes filled with breathtaking imagery. Nomad: The Warrior DVD will be available July 24.

Nomad: The Warrior tells the story of a boy who is destined to one day unite the three warring tribes of the country who have survived and fought for centuries - against invaders, against their formidable enemies and amongst themselves.