Counting Crows lead singer, Adam Duritz, will release the first CD on his newly formed label Tyrannosaurus Records (T-Recs) on May 15. The inaugural band, Blacktop Mourning, is a Chicago-based Rock/Pop Punk band that Duritz discovered on MySpace.

According to Pamela Coady, MTV Music Supervisor, "Blacktop Mourning is a great new rock band that we have placed on at least 11 MTV shows. Almost everyone in the MTV music department wanted Blacktop Mourning's music on their shows! We are really looking forward to their new album - 'No Regret.'"

Blacktop Mourning's music hit MySpace in late 2005 and within two weeks, the band had inked a deal with MTV. By the six month mark, their songs had been played on nearly a dozen MTV shows and the band had been selected an "MTV Featured Artist."

Blacktop Mourning is a blend of accomplished musicians led by songwriter Max Steger, an 18-year-old guitar prodigy, who could be found jamming in Chicago's famed blues clubs by the age of twelve. Ahmet Ertegun, legendary co-founder of Atlantic Records, called Max "one of the best guitar players I've ever seen."

Blacktop Mourning's sound is an unforgettable blend of melodic vocals with pop/punk lyrics laid over heavy rock, distorted guitars. Joe Levand fronts the band with wrenching emotional vocals. Shawn Nystrand brings a dynamic brand of rhythm guitar while Max completes the front line with lead guitar and jaw-dropping solos. Rounding out the lineup is the high-energy rhythm section featuring drummer Greg Gerard and bass player Nate Wethy.

According to Duritz, "The talent of Blacktop Mourning is so far beyond their years that I had to work with them. I wasn't planning to start another record label, but their musicianship and songwriting was so inspiring that I couldn't walk away."

The production team The Devil and The Bunny Show (Duritz and Counting Crows guitarist David "Immy" Immerglück) co-produced the album with Max Steger in Fall 2006 at Dancing Dog and Whip Records Studio in Berkeley, California. Duritz contributes background vocals on four tracks - "Hardly Recognize," "Another Day," "Future's Gone" and "Don't Defend."

"Halfway To Midnight": Windows | Real

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