Gene Simmons (Gene Simmons Family Jewels)
Watch Gene Simmons anywhere else but on his reality show and and you're sure to see the true marketing machine that he is when he's not onstage with Kiss. But bring the cameras into his private life and you'll see that Gene's nothing more than a good 'ol family guy at home. (Who just happens to play bass in the greatest rock & roll band of all time, Kiss.)

Gene's just your typical everyday, laid back type of dad to son Nick and daughter Sophie, and he's "happily un-married" to loving partner & best friend Shannon Tweed, a former Playboy Playmate of the Year. Despite being together since, well, forever, Gene's afraid to get married, and the two are just fine with that.

The best thing about the show is that Gene plays it up in his usual fashion - the way we, the public, see him - but his family sees right through that to the somewhat normal guy he actually is. Mostly they just break his balls and never let him live stuff down though.

Gene was born Chaim Witz in Israel in 1949 and is fluent in four languages. We're guessing that English is one of them.


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