On Sunday May 4th, the streets of Worcester were lined up with hundreds of teens, all waiting in line to be the first to arrive at the Bamboozle Roadshow at the Palladium. I arrived at exactly 5pm, which was when the doors were scheduled to open, and there was already an endless line that had formed on the sidewalk and seemed to go on for days. Apparently, every teen within driving distance of Western Massachusetts didn't want to miss a minute of the action that was about to take place.

Metro Station, one of the latest up and coming electric dance rock groups, was headlining the Bamboozle Roadshow tour, along with fellow rockers Armor for Sleep and Saves the Day. I was first introduced to the techno pop-rocky beat of Metro Station's music recently and I must say, although I'm not a fan of the Emo scene, their music is rather intriguing. It has a certain dancy, catchy beat to it that even most anti-rockers would take a liking to.

The Palladium was packed with wall to wall teens, most of which resembled the poster children for the Emo genre with parted bangs covering half their face and tight jeans that appeared almost painful to walk in. Metro Station took the stage right on time at 6:55pm, opening up with the final track off their debut album "Metro Station", which was surprising considering "Disco" is one of the more mellow songs on the album. Nevertheless, the crowd came alive once they kicked into a more upbeat performance of "Now That We're Done", followed by the first track off their album, "Seventeen Forever". The energy that came from these guys was so positive and uplifting that they seemed to overpower the entire room, judging from the audience participation and enthusiasm.

The third song performed was their love ballad "Kelsey", which only sent the crowd into a momentary lapse of serenity before exploding into "Wish We Were Older", which sounds quite similar to the old 80's glam singles that were all over the radio before half the kids at this show were even born. After concluding "Tell Me What To Do" (another love song but with a more fun and upbeat vibe), vocalist Mason Musso announced, "This is our last show on the tour", at which point everyone in the crowd booed, but then he continued, "So you guys are gonna see it!" They proceeded to rock out a bubbly rendition of "Shake It", which made every person in the crowd do just that, and I can almost guarantee that the ones who didn't certainly wanted to. "Shake It" is not only my all-time favorite song by them, but also the song that is most likely going to set them on the fast track to stardom. It was recently featured in the "What Happens in Vegas" movie trailer and has been getting some serious radio play nationwide.

They ended the set with "Control", which is another fast-paced, electrifying single, and a great song choice to end the night and leave the audience with a favorable taste in their mouth.

The only complaint that I have about the set was that it simply wasn't long enough. I would've loved to have heard them play a few more singles off their debut album, but like the old cliché goes, the show must go on.

Story and photos by Rachel Burke

Starpulse contributing writer