Put on your homage-spotting caps, it's another new episode of Community.

After last-week's dead-ringer mafia movie/Scorcese parody, the writers took on the godfather of college hijinx flicks- Animal House.

It all begins with Abed, the catalyst for all the meta self-awareness in the Greendale universe, trying to complete his freshman year bucket list by recreating gags culled from classic college comedies.

Troy agrees to be his Morgan Freeman character and is promptly pantsed by Abed, who is disappointed Troy isn't wearing the traditional white heart-print boxers. Troy returns the favor (being pantsed was also on Abed's list), and viewers get the heart-print payoff from Danny Pudi.

Pierce, always eager to be in on a joke, pulls Shirley's pants down- the final straw in a pattern of abuse from the insensitive baby-boomer. This causes a rift in the group, as Shirley demands Pierce to leave, though his character's obliviousness to ridicule leaves a void in the zing-happy group dynamic.

Each member is uncomfortable being the scapegoat for everyone's barbs, especially from Jeff and Britta, who have themselves become the target of a gang of overachieving high school students taking classes at Greendale. The teens refer to Jeff and Britta as "schmiddies," a slang term for "loser," which, like "streets ahead," is surely verbal wildfire.

While Annie tries to piece the group back together, Troy and Abed unleash a homemade robot called "Boob-a-tron," a device destined to have bongwater spilled on its circuits, bringing it to life and getting them babes.

Troy gets second thoughts as they approach actual hot babes, but Abed reminds him that friendship means helping each other out, no matter what, then comments on how the "ridiculous situation turns into heavy-handed drama to create the illusion of a story, check." Just like in the movies!

Meanwhile, Britta and Jeff decide the only way to get even with the teens is for Jeff to bang one of the students' mothers, a total cougar. It almost works, until the kid exposes Jeff's intentions to his mother, who turns out to be just as catty as her son.

As the face-off between Jeff and Britta and the high school students descends into a circle of repeating each other in a mocking tone followed by increasingly drawn out, slow-motioned "ah-doyyyy"s, Shirley and Pierce, reconciled after having shared a heart-to-heart, come to the rescue and pants the punk teenagers, the most shameful thing that can ever happen to a high school student.

Abed, Troy, and Boob-a-tron, all dressed in togas, decide to abandon the list, as the whole thing just feels contrived. The audience has half a beat to consider this commentary on the show's over-reliance on parody before a food fight breaks out in the cafeteria, complete with the screen freezes and lower-third epilogues.

We find out that Pierce and Shirley never got married, Jeff banged that kid's mom, twice, Annie remains Jewish, and two out of the three high schoolers reached their full potential. Also, Troy and Abed will be back in Campus Cut-Ups 2: Panty Raid Academy.

One last thought on last weeks' "streets ahead," the term Pierce hoped would catch on at Greendale: a twitterer used that term to dis Dan Harmon, saying Modern Family and Glee are "streets ahead" of his "meta bullshit," and there he is, calling out an anonymous heckler with his program's George Costanza. Consider yourself pwnd.

Story by Matt Anaya

Starpulse contributing writer