Just when I thought Community could not get any wilder and awkward, family week at Glendale happened.

Abed brought his family, which was the punch line for many racist jokes by Pierce. Senor Chan brought his brother, who told Senor Chan how ridiculous his name sounds. Troy brought his grandmother, who was “old school”, and ended up whooping Britta with a “switch” (stick).

Jeff has no family, while Pierce brought his super hot ex-stepdaughter, which lead to a classic Pierce line, “Over the course of seven marriages, I've amassed some 32 stepchildren."

Things got a little weird as Pierce wanted to make a move on his “step-princess”, but she (Amber, played by Katharine McPhee) wanted no part of her ex-step-father, as she adamantly told Senor Chan’s class she is Pierce’s ex-step daughter/princess.

Jeff is immediately attracted to Amber (as I was five years ago when I saw her on American Idol, but too bad she is 25 years old and married to a man nearly twice her age), but out of respect to Pierce’s odd demands, is forced to play Pierce’s wingman for his ex-step daughter. Wow.

Jeff obliges to Pierce’s demands, but flirts with Amber the entire time they are playing Pictionary, and the two (Jeff and Amber) run off to get “coffee.” They end up making out in a janitor’s closet and “do it” as Annie put it so simply.

Meanwhile, while the two are gone, the Pictionary game continues and Pierce draws a swastika (ugh/gulp) and gets into a fight with Senor Chan. Piece says it was supposed to be a windmill (wow, just wow), but Chevy Chase’s character Pierce is the wildest one on television right now. He makes me say “wow” more than any other character in TV history.

Although Jeff is nailing, for lack of a better term, Pierce’s ex-step-daughter, it turns out she is a grifter (Jeff said it, not me), and using him for his money. Apparently Pierce has been giving Amber money for “college”, but she has been buying cars or whatever she deems important.

Jeff, being the good friend he is, tells Pierce he had sex with his ex-step princess, but also tells him she is using him for his money. Pierce does not really care that much, and comforts Jeff as he notices his ex-GF Professor Slater dancing with some dope and Jeff tells Pierce while crying, “We watched what she wanted to watch. I hated Glee.”

Hilarious, as is the show.

Story by Matt Anaya

Starpulse contributing writer