Comic book movies have steadily crept into mainstream media, and with the addition of some extremely popular fantasy-based television shows like "Lost" and "Heroes," the strange and unfamiliar are becoming more widely accepted.

I've been a long-time fan of comics, mini-series and graphic novels, and seeing some of my favorite characters live on the big screen can be both exhilarating and horrifying. It is just a matter of time before most of them are made into movies, and because of this I put forth a modest proposal for a few dream casting and origin/first movie plot choices. In some cases, general plot lines are given without any endings, due to spoilers about the comic themselves.

Green Lantern
The man has no fear. With his power ring, given by alien Guardians of the Universe, he protects Earth and the Universe from all evil. Hal Jordan was a test pilot who is given the ring and lantern of a dying alien named Abin Sur. Abin's spaceship crashed on Earth, and he sought someone -- anyone -- to take his place as a Green Lantern. At first Hal uses his newfound abilities to show off and fly, but the monster who caused Abin's crash, Legion, comes to take care of the new Green Lantern. Hal's companions include his boss and love interest Carol Ferris, and his best friend Tom Kalmaku.

Dream Cast: Brendan Fraser as Hal Jordan. Eva Green as Carol Ferris. Peter Cullen as the voice of Legion. Ed Harris as Abin Sur. Paul Giamatti as Guardian of the Universe. ** Note: the role of Tom Kalmaku would be difficult to cast as he is an Eskimo, and there are a sad lack of Eskimo actors out there. Perhaps Ray Mala if he still lived.

A series published by Vertigo and created by Garth Ennis, it's about a young southern preacher named Jesse Custer who gets struck with a divine being called Genesis that gives him the word of God. I would start this movie the exact same way that Vertigo did with Jesse, Tulip and Cassidy all sitting in a diner talking about what happened so far. Jesse's entire church gets blown up, and Tulip botches an assassination attempt. She jumps into the car with Cassidy, and the two of them find Jesse's body near the destruction of the church. They try to piece together what happened as the local police run after them, and the insane Saint of Killers hunts Jesse down at the behest of God's angels.

Dream Cast: Jake Gyllenhaal as Jesse Custer. James Marsters as Cassidy. Kristen Bell as Tulip. Sam Elliott as the Saint of Killers. Alan Cumming as the Angels.

Y The Last Man
A plagues strikes the world, and every single male animal is dead except for two: Yorick Brown and his pet monkey Ampersand. As the world attempts to adjust to a solely female population, Yorick makes his way to DC to find his mother, and he is assigned a bodyguard to find a particular geneticist, Dr. Mann. The hope is that studying Yorick can help repopulate the male species. At the same time, Alter Tse'elon, chief of staff in Israeli, is sent to get Yorick for her country. The Daughters of the Amazon believe all men should be dead, as well as Yorick's sister Hero, and he is hunted by them. All Y wants is to find his girlfriend Beth and to find a way to save the world ... if he isn't kidnapped, or killed first.

Dream Cast: Adam Brody as Yorick Brown. Tracie Thoms as Agent 355. Ellen Page as Beth Deville. Eliza Dushku as Hero Brown. Jennifer Morrison as Doctor Allison Mann. Evangeline Lilly as Alter Tse'elon.

The future daughter of Peter Parker and Mary Jane Watson-Parker inherits her radioactive spider gifts and tries to get through high school at the same time. With the popularity of the big-screen Spider-Man, this could either go over well, or horribly. May Parker realizes she has special gifts, but her father is against her ever using them like he did. However, when a new Green Goblin, her childhood friend Normie Osborn, hunts her father, May has to don the family webs to become Spider-Girl.

Dream Cast: Miley Cyrus as May Parker. David Duchovny as Peter Parker. Gillian Anderson as Mary Jane Watson-Parker. Henry Ian Cusick as Phil Urich. Emile Hirsch as Normie Osborn. *** Yes, put the X-Files duo back together. Why? Because they gotta!

This is an exciting one. Fables is an amazing Vertigo series written by Bill Willingham. There are various characters from famous fairy tales and mythology, and they live in the modern day world. They were chased out of their own world by the cruel Adversary, and half of them thrive in New York City while the less normal looking Fables are forced to stay on a farm outside. The problem with Fables is finding what the plot would be. I personally would go with the "Animal Farm" arc, when the inhuman Fables plan a way to revolt. It gets to the heart of the pain in all of the Fables, and if done well, could do the comic justice.

Dream Cast: Bridget Moynahan as Snow White. Rose McGowan as Rose Red. Benicio Del Toro as Bigby Wolf. Orlando Bloom as Prince Charming. Paul Rudd as Jack Horner. Frankie Muniz as Boy Blue.

Story by Chelsea 'Dee' Doyle
Starpulse contributing writer