Starpulse writer Dee Doyle braved the crowds and costumes at Comic Con last weekend to get the dirt on anticipated films Wanted, Hellboy 2, Harold & Kumar Escape To Guantanamo Bay and Journey to the Center of the Earth 3-D. The various panel discussions proved there's tons of action, special effects and hilarity to look forward to this summer (and this weekend!):

"Wanted": Unimpressive Overall & Just Another Action Flick

When a movie is said to be loosely based off a comic book, this can mean it is similar to the comic but certain elements are changed, or in the case of the upcoming film "Wanted" it can mean only the names and title are the same.

Clips from the movie starring Morgan Freeman, Angelina Jolie, and James McAvoy were revealed on Saturday, April 19, at the New York Comic Con, which I had the privilege to attend. It was supposed to begin at about 2 p.m., but it was closer to 2:30 when director Timur Bekmambetov was introduced. The audience sat through about 10-15 minutes of unseen clips in which the main character Wesley (McAvoy) is saved by Jolie's femme fatale Fox, and a spectacular car chase occurs. This is followed by Wesley meeting Freeman's character the Professor and finds out he has the ability to become a 'super assassin.'

Now the original comic is a six-part series written by the gritty Mark Millar and is not for the faint of heart. This comic resembles "Sin City" in the way that it presents a dystopian society made up of anti-heroes and villains, but "Wanted" has a particular brand of impish dark humor that is typical of Millar. The main character Wesley works a blue collar job that he hates, he has a girlfriend who constantly cheats on him with his best friend, and he is just generally a pathetic, weak individual. He finds out his father was a super assassin and that he inherited the same gift - which is basically just the ability to kill anything with any object he picks up. This is a world where the super villains won the war and destroyed all the heroes. There is no mercy and no happy ending in the traditional sense. It is brutal and short, just how Millar sees life.

The movie itself seems to be a new version of the "Matrix," blended with "Sin City." There are no costumes or super heroes, which the director believed to be ridiculous for a gritty modern movie. He focused on the violence, the fast cars, and the assassins. True, they only showed us about 15 minutes of the movie, but this resembles the comic book in only broad terms. Overall, it was unimpressive and felt like a typical action film. There was nothing to really separate it from the dozens of other fast-paced films about guns, violence, and hot chicks. Perhaps the rest of it will surprise all of us and will live up to the title, but at the moment it feels unlikely. Then again, if you enjoy action flicks, this will be just what you are looking for.

When asked if Angelina Jolie is hot in person, Mr. Bekmambetov looked confused. I took this to mean he's never actually met her before. "Wanted" comes out on June 27.