The man who wore black face (above) and reportedly tried to act like Kanye West at the Vienna Ball has now apologized to Kim Kardashian and claimed he isn't a racist.

Chris Stephan, an Austrian comedian, wrote an apology on his Facebook page after reports surface he approached Kim and said the n-word. He writes (loose translation), "I'm sorry really, that the story went into the pants and completely misunderstood. I was born in Austria, even Arabic! I didn't want this promotion to be in any way racist and apologize again for all those who have felt under attack!"

He wrote earlier, "The N bull--t is wrong," with a link to a story claiming he said the n-word. Either way, multiple sources say Kim left immediately after her run-in with the comedian. Not that it mattered to the rich man who paid Kim to be there - he's since said she was a pretty poor date.