"Two and a Half Men" star Ashton Kutcher is seeking a college student for a new Los Angeles-based technology start-up. The actor and savvy tech investor is targeting undergraduate English majors at New York's Columbia University to apply for the writing position.

The posting reads: "This job will require relocating to LA, and will provide an opportunity to be a part of the tech company's founding team. Your writing will be a centerpiece of the company's product and will reach millions of people."

Kutcher, who was an early investor in video-calling service Skype, did not reveal specific details about the compnay. The job calls for an applicant with at least three years of college and with "creativity and taste for aesthetic beauty", while the successful candidate will be expected to write "daily creative pieces" and "curate content for application's homepage."

Kutcher plays Steve Jobs in the film "Jobs," which has not yet received a wide release date.