George Clooney has a surprising knack when it comes to directoral talent. After his deep, compelling political thriller 'The Ides of March' we have been given the first trailer for his upcoming work, 'Monuments Men' a new twist on an age old genre.

World War II has no shortage of coverage on TV or in the theater. Saving Private Ryan redefined what a war movie should be, while Band of Brothers dove into the deeper psychology of how war affects men. Monuments Men is neither of those, both tragically, and thankfully. Check out the trailer below to see what we mean:

It tells the true story of a group of men on a mission to protect the cultural heritage of a world under fire. Spearheaded by George Stout (Clooney), a troupe of American architects-and-designers-gone-soldiers square themselves away and head off into Europe, to protect the artwork, monuments and architecture that is imperiled by the Nazi advance.

Clooney and his ragtag group of cultural conservators are Matt Damon, Bill Murray, Bob Balaban, Hugh Bonneville, and John Goodman. Cate Blanchett and Jean Dujardin also make an appearance in the film.

If you destroy an entire generation of people’s culture, it’s as if they never existed. That’s what Hitler wants. And that’s the one thing we can’t allow

As it was stated before, what sets this film apart from previous World War II flicks is it's concentration on culture, rather than soldiers - the want, and need, for humans to protect our heritage and cultural identities.

It's a unique undertaking, and an impressive direction for a film to take, especially one directed by Clooney, who seems to be establishing a high quality, niche corner of the market.

'Monuments Men' is due out in December, so get your gear together and prepare to visit the embattled western front once more, come winter. In the meantime, you can read about the real life Monuments Men here.