Clint Eastwood's Wife Files For Divorce Days After Calling Off Separation
Clint Eastwood's estranged wife Dina has officially filed for divorce, just days after rescinding the legal separation papers she filed last month. (keep reading...)

Lindsay Lohan Spotted Reaching For Bottle Of Wine In New Photo, Rep Calls Pic 'Misleading'
Lindsay Lohan was photographed at a party in the Hollywood Hills on Tuesday appearing to reach for a bottle of wine. The image sparked speculation that she might be having difficulty with sobriety following her 90-day stint in rehab. (keep reading...)

Michael Jackson Is The Top-Earning Dead Celebrity
Even though he passed away four years ago, Michael Jackson continues to earn more money than any living pop star. The King of Pop tops Forbes' list of "The Top-Earning Dead Celebrities." It's estimated he earned $160 million in the last 12 months. (keep reading...)

DJ Pauly D Seeking Custody Of Five-Month-Old Love Child
Pauly D, real name Paul Delvecchio, revealed earlier this week that he's the father of a lovechild with former Hooters waitress Amanda Markert, who he met in Las Vegas last year. (keep reading...)

Ben & Jerry's Ice Cream Releases Ron Burgundy-Inspired Flavor 'Scotchy Scotch Scotch'
Great Odin's raven! Ben & Jerry’s Ice Cream has paid tribute to fictional San Diego newscaster Ron Burgundy with his own flavor: Scotchy Scotch Scotch. (keep reading...)

Kendall Jenner Blasts False ID Allegations
Kim Kardashian's half-sister Kendall Jenner has spoken out to blast false reports suggesting she and her younger sister illegally gained entry into a 21-and-over club last week (ends18Oct13) by using fake identity cards. (keep reading...)

Melissa McCarthy On Controversial 'Elle' Cover: 'I Picked The Coat'
Melissa McCarthy has responded to controversy surrounding her recent cover of Elle by explaining the cover was her idea in the first place. (keep reading...)