Clint Eastwood's actress daughter has ruled out ever marrying after her parents' divorce left her feeling "rejected".
Alison Eastwood was just six when Clint left her mom, former swimwear model Maggie Johnson, for actress Sondra Locke.  The 39 year old admits she was crushed by her parents' split, and spent years overcoming personal "issues" stemming from her dad's infidelity.

Alison explains, "What was most upsetting (about the divorce) was that my mom was devastated. It was hard to watch her go through that. To be able to help her, I had to grow up very fast... It's hard as a kid not to take a break-up personally... I felt rejected, and that screws with your self-esteem..."

"During my teens, I definitely had issues about my parents' divorce. At six, you don't understand infidelity, but as I got older I was angry about it. I became rebellious, and pretty much fought anything in any way I could... When I was 20, I thought, 'OK, I'm going to be an adult.' I decided to let the past go and start living in the present."

Alison has since repaired her relationship with her dad, but she has no plans to marry her sculptor boyfriend or have children.

She adds, "The effects (of divorce) remain. I've just turned 39 and I'm not married and I don't plan on having kids after seeing what it can do. The little girl inside of me is like, 'I don't want to screw up a kid.'"