In a rare sit down interview, Clint Eastwood confirms with "Lyons & Bailes Reel Talk's" co-host Jeffrey Lyons that he is not ready to hang up his acting hat quite yet and sheds some light on his character in "Gran Torino."

When asked if rumors were true about his acting career ending, Eastwood said, "Well I don't know about that. You know you kind of muse out loud sometimes in front of a journalist and they kind of put it down as an absolute. I'm just saying that I'm getting at the point in life at my age where they just don't write that many good roles and this role came along, and I enjoyed it."

Eastwood added that when "Million Dollar Baby" came along he enjoyed that story too, but often wonders how many good stories there will be for senior actors. "Maybe not that many," he added.

"Reel Talk" also discussed Eastwood's new film, "Gran Torino." Eastwood explained that the most important message that he wanted to get across to the audience was that his character, Walt Kowalski, actually learns tolerance at a late age in life.

When asked how he managed to make painfully blunt and insulting Kowalski into a likeable character, Eastwood said, "I think [it was] just going straight ahead and not being afraid to just attack this character straight on. And I think in this PC generation, that we've been interrogated with or inundated with over the last few decades...It is refreshing to see somebody who just kind of lets it loose."