2007 marked a year of stellar and refreshing music acts, in all genres, to hit the music scene. Here, we present the Class of '07 stand out acts:

Amy Winehouse
Though we do not know what the future may hold for this U.K. based chanteuse, but GRAMMY winning Winehouse, has certainly already created a legacy for herself with the release of Back To Black. The Soul inspired album, brings back a modernized sound that was sorely needed in the music industry last year. Though public antics worked well to keep her in the press much of last year, in the end it is her music that we honor most.

Lil' Mama
What would '07 be without the remix of Avril Lavigne's bratty "Girlfriend" single plus the rap interlude provided by Lil' Mama? It introduced, and put this seventeen year old's expertise on the map as a rapper. Lil' Mama's initial success was then followed with the release of her own hit single "Lip Gloss."

Plain White T's
Indie rockers Plain White T's, may have been around for awhile, but they ruled the pop music charts this past year with their three year old hearty ballad, "Hey There Delilah." Becoming a worldwide summer hit, it left everyone thinking, "Geez, that Delilah is one lucky gal!"

Miley Cyrus
Who would ever think that Billy Ray Cyrus, once listed as a "one hit wonder of the 80's," would have a major comeback in his career on a show featuring his real life daughter? Well, that's what happened with Disney's Hannah Montana show, starring Miley Cyrus. Not only did the Hannah Montana empire explode in 2007, Miley Cyrus ended the year as one hot touring mama, with one of the biggest tours of '07 on her hands.

Taylor Swift
Grammy nominated Swift, with her hit "Tim McGraw," made a name for herself last year on the country music scene. The eighteen year old Independent artist, who co-wrote all of the tracks featured on her self -titled debut album, became America's sweetheart in a heartbeat.

Jordin Sparks
The 2007 "American Idol" winner Sparks, released a self-titled album late last year, that currently features two of her current singles, "Tattoo," and "No Air." Both tracks show her given light Pop flair. Sparks is most recently noted for her performance, of "The Star - Spangled Banner", at the XLII Superbowl.

Soulja Boy Tellem
Internet savvy Soulja Boy, knew exactly how to make his single "Crank That (Soulja Boy)," fly to the top of the charts. Adding a dance too while he was at it, and the rest as they say is history. The Chicago rapper, born DeAndre Way, also scored one of the top selling ringtones of 2007 with his hit track.

After Timbaland waived his magic gold dust, on OneRepublic's "Apologize", there was no stopping this single's success. From their debut album Dreaming Out Loud, "Apologize," is currently experiencing a second wave of success in Europe.

Lily Allen
Allen, one of the other few U.K. acts to make a stir worldwide, hit the scene last year with an infectious album that incorporates a quirky sound. Her breakthrough, Alright, Still, mixes hints of Pop, Hip Hop, Reggae, and Ska.

Feist's "1234", hands down, wins the award for catchiest song of 2007. Featured on her current album The Reminder, the song with the most memorable intro to date, had everyone singing numbers over the summer.

Story by Claudine Paul
Starpulse contributing writer