The publicist who once represented tragic actress Lana Clarkson has ruled out claims she killed herself at music producer Phil Spector's California mansion - because she was preparing for a major comedy project.

Spector is currently on trial for the murder of Clarkson, who died from a gunshot wound in the foyer of his Alhambra home in 2003. His defense team claims the depressed actress committed suicide.

But publicist Edward Lozzi insists the actress had too much to live for to consider taking her own life.

He says, "Lana Clarkson was not in any mood for suicide... She was developing a motion picture and a comedy road series when she was murdered. She had called me during her last Christmas holidays in this life to talk about the possibility of us providing publicity for her amazing one-woman comedy show, Lana Unleashed."

Lozzi claims he has been ruled a "hostile witness" by both the defence and prosecution attorneys because he is an outspoken TV pundit in America, and won't be called to testify at the ongoing murder trial in Los Angeles.

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