Thankfully, I have a way to vent my frustrations, thanks to the return of The Hub's Dan Vs. It's the second-funniest show on television behind FX's Archer, and both are equally delightfully demented. I'm pretty sure the only reason Dan Vs. isn't as big a hit as Archer is because it airs on a network most folks have to look for.

For those of you who haven't yet found The Hub, Dan Vs. is about the angriest person on the planet. If Lewis Black's stand-up routine got animated, it would be something like Dan Vs. Each episode focuses on the title character (voiced by Curtis Armstrong) vowing revenge against something or someone that he can't stand, and he'll stop at nothing to get it. In the first few minutes of yesterday's season premiere, Dan was prepared to launch a nuclear missile in order to eradicate a squirrel against whom he had an unspecified grudge.

This is escapist television, pure and simple. You will not learn a lesson. You will not get to spin the Wheel of Morality. You will, however, laugh a lot as you watch Dan go after things that bother all of us, whether it's Los Angeles traffic, parents who don't rein in their unruly children, ATM fees at the bank, or telemarketers - because you'll understand, if you don't outright share, his ire.

And while Dan's capers are decidedly over the top, somehow the only thing that happens is massive property damage. No one ever seems to get hurt or killed, even as Dan wages war against whole states and rogue dinosaurs. So it's (mostly) harmless fun.

If that doesn't convince you to check the show out, you can read my chat with the cast and creators from this year's San Diego Comic-Con and my interview with star Paget Brewster about the new season.

Dan Vs. airs Saturday afternoons at 1 PM PT/4 PM ET on The Hub.

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