There's a pet cause for every celebrity in Hollywood. But one of the biggest stars of the last 30 years is championing a cause somehow overlooked by the glitterati of New York and L.A. It's slavery -- and the unlikely anti-slavery champion is Chuck Norris.

In his latest exclusive column for WorldNetDaily on Mon, Feb 26, Norris talks about how we can free those enslaved today. While the 200th anniversary of the abolition of slavery in the UK will soon be celebrated around the world, slavery has mushroomed, as there are now over 27 million people in bondage worldwide.

Norris has starred in more than 20 films and the long-running TV series, Walker, Texas Ranger. He has written for WorldNetDaily on a number of hot- button topics, including the aftermath of legalized abortion, his old friend -- and opponent -- Bruce Lee and Pearl Harbor.