Chuck Norris couldn't let his "Expendables" co-star Jean-Claude Van Damme get away with performing the most epic split ever.

Naturally, the man who can slam a revolving door and light a fire by rubbing two ice cubes together, had to one-up his fellow martial artist by performing his own epic split.

And boy, did he deliver.

Using the same Enya song in the background that Van Damme used for his now-infamous Volvo truck commerical, Norris does a split between two jumbo jets in flight while simultaneously balancing a crew of skydivers on his head while they do a Christmas tree formation.

"Merry, Merry Christmas. And happy New Year to all," the voice over says at the end.

We don't care if it's CGI. It's still awesome.

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Norris has a black belt in Tang Soo Do and is known for playing the villain in the Bruce Lee film "Way of the Dragon" as well as starring in films such as "The Octagon," Missing In Action," and "The Delta Force." In the early 90s, he played the lead in the popular TV series "Walker, Texas Ranger."

In 2006, Norris became the subject of the Internet phenomenon Chuck Norris Facts. The "facts" offer a satirical look at the action star's tough, alpha-male persona, and include such gems as "Chuck Norris does not get frostbite. Chuck Norris bites frost."