After Hurricane Sandy knocked out the power to Christopher Walken's Connecticut home, the actor lived "like a caveman" for over a week.

Millions of east coast residents were left without electricity or hot water after Hurricane Sandy struck on Oct. 29, and Walken, 69, was forced to survive with bare essentials.

He told the New York Post, "I don't have an iPad, I don't have a cellphone, I don't have a when the trees went down, I was in the dark. I was like a caveman for eight days! The lights went out...and that meant no water, no phones, no light!

"And this time of year, it gets dark at about 4:30 and it got cold in the house. So it was just me and the cat...The minute I went to bed, the cat would get under the covers and never move. Just a little bit of heat."

Walken didn't allow his wife, casting director Georgianne, to come from a work trip because the living conditions were so bad. "I said, 'Don't come here, because there's barely enough stuff (to survive on). Stay put,'" he explained.