Christopher Walken is glad he's never had children during his 50 year marriage to Georgianne Thon because he thinks it would have ended his acting career.

The Seven Psychopaths star - who has been married to casting director Georgianne Thon for almost 50 years - is content without having become a father as it would have affected his acting ambitions.

Asked if his career would have been possible with children, he told The Guardian newspaper: "Absolutely not. I'm sure many of the kids I knew as a child would have continued in show business, but they had kids of their own [and] had to do something dependable. I didn't, so I could get by even in periods of unemployment."

The 69-year-old actor is used to playing eccentric characters, but says his own "conservative" lifestyle is much more unremarkable.

He said: "My life is really quite conservative. I've been married nearly 50 years. I don't have hobbies or children. I don't much care to travel. I've never had a big social life. I just stay at home, except when I go to work. So in that sense, I'm a regular guy."

However, when it comes to his work, The Deer Hunter star admits he can be his own worst critic.

He added: "I have one of those satellite things on my television and there are maybe 40 channels of movies, so once a day I'll surf those. I just go from one movie to another, watching 10 minutes of this, 10 minutes of that, and often there's something I'm in.

"With every movie I make, there are some scenes where I'm good and some where I'm not. With me, it's always hit and miss."