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Victoria Beckham does not want her husband interviewed by a smoking hot Italian reporter. Jealous much? - City Rag

Jessica Alba is the closest woman to perfection -

Sexiest Strippers of TV and Film -

The Mom Song

43 extremely creative wonders of macro photography - Smashing Apps

The real pictures from Heidi and Spencer's honeymoon - Asshat Hollywood

Light up the Christmas tree game - Dump Trumpet

Seahawks fans pelt Jets with snowballs:

Gratuitous bikini poll - Spike

Alicia Keys in a bikini - Superficial

Megan Fox as Batgirl? - Coed Magazine

Quote of the day:

Lisa Rinna to bare her cobra fangs in Playboy - Superficial

Julian Beever is the name of that guy who makes chalk drawings on sidewalks that are awesome -

Madonna who? - Bitten & Bound

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