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Jeremy Piven has so much mercury in his system that he's left Broadway to become a thermometer - ABC News

Hollywood films tend to get it wrong when it comes to history. Well duh. -

The six worst vacations people actually pay to take - Cracked

Hysterical Crying Sorority Girl (hysterical as in she's hysterical and this video is hysterical):

Watch the season 2 premiere of "Flight Of The Conchords" - Joost

Whiskey Tango Foxtrot happened to Pamela Anderson? - Starpulse

10 most depressing movie endings ever - Den of Geek

13-year-old girl does Rush's "YYZ" on the drums (YESSSSSS!):

Pete Doherty is still shooting heroin. He probably can't use his arm for that anymore though. - The Rad Report

Heidi Klum loves the taste of chocolate on her lips. We're so not going there on this one. - News of the World

The greatest Lego diorama ever created. - Gizmodo

Quote of the day:

iPhone Nano on the way? - Mac Rumors

The RIAA stops all lawsuits because they have a new trick up their sleeve... - Yahoo News

...but this guy has something to say about that. - c|net

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