Previews for the return of Mad Men on AMC show Christina Hendricks looking silently at John Slattery. That’s certainly enough enticement to watch, but no clue as to what may be happening when we pick up Joan Holloway and Roger Sterling again.

At a cocktail reception for the Television Critics Association, Hendricks talked about the show and answered a lot of questions about her real life habits. You may be shocked to learn her simple secrets that keep her skin gorgeous, and how she spends her free time. Mad Men returns Sunday on AMC.

Q: With the changing times, how will Joan adapt?

Christina Hendricks: Things are starting moving around and shifting but Joan has already achieved quite a bit in the workplace and that’s fairly significant for a woman at the time. She’s got a husband now too so Joan’s always trying to make everything work so she’ll try to make things work at the office and she’ll try to make things work at home. I think she adapts well, so I think if things shift she’ll be able to slide into it.

Q: What’s the one signature moment for you up to this point?

CH: I always go back to season one, because it was all so new to me and so fresh. I really loved the moment where Don and Midge go to the bohemian speakeasy club. I thought that was really visually very cool. I love the scene in what I call the lipstick episode, it’s called “Babylon” but actually these scenes are from the same episode, with all the women on one side trying on their lipstick and the men on the other side making sexy comments towards them. I love that.

Q: Peggy and Joan seemed to bond over Don getting married. Is there a future for them?

CH: I don't think they’ve ever really been opposed. I think they have incredibly different ways about going about things and very, very different points of view but there’s been a long history of Joan giving advice and Peggy asking for it quite often. She doesn’t always ask for it and Joan still gives it but I think that moment you’re talking about was really, really nice. It was really fun for us to do and I think the audience really responded to it because it has been a very teacher/student kind of relationship for so long and I think Joan has made a discovery that she’s never going to listen to her and she’s going to do her own thing and also she has to admit that it’s worked for her.

Q: Could Joan learn from Peggy?

CH: Oh, absolutely, if she’s open to it.

Q: Is Joan happy in her marriage or is she settled?

CH: Well, she’s married to a man that raped her so I’d probably say that’s settling a little bit.

Q: Is she really in love with her husband?

CH: I think she wants very much to love her husband and I think she’s trying really, really hard to love her husband.

Q: Has working on Mad Men changed the way you look at advertising?

CH: A little bit. I would say I’m a little bit more in tune with it. I watch it more carefully and I’ll watch something and I’ll go, “A bunch of people sat in a room and came up with that. Amazing.