Seth Green was stalked by Christian Slater until he agreed to put him in his new show. The 32 year-old (star of the Austin Powers movies and the Buffy the Vampire Slayer television series) gets approached by many celebrities to be spoofed in his stop-motion show with action figures, 'Robot Chicken.'

In a recent interview with Wizard, Green said “I had Christian Slater – who’ve I known for a really long time – shadow me and [writer] Tom Root at a party until we agreed to put him in the show.”

He continued, “And then I ran into Wayne Brady at the airport and he’s like, ‘I love Robot Chicken!’ and I’m like, ‘I’ll bring you on, dude!’ Everyone will be very surprised and impressed by the celebrities we’ve got this year.”

New episodes of Robot Chicken can be currently seen at 11:30 PM every Sunday on Cartoon Network’s Adult Swim.