Lindsay Lohan says her co-star Chris Pine tried to bite her during a passionate kiss. The actress stars with Pine in new movie Just my Luck and was looking forward to their first on-screen clinch – until Pine got carried away. She revealed: “Chris was a good kisser. But he tired to bite me once!”

Lohan, 20, insists she is a great kisser because she has such full, luscious and pouting lips which, despite recent rumours, are 100 percent natural. She explained: “I’ve read that I had my lips done recently, but that’s just bull&#$%. I just use a lot of lip balm – honestly!”

Despite Lohan’s criticism of Pine’s kissing technique, the actor recently praised the Mean Girls star on her lip skills. Pine, 21, admitted he loved every minute of the pair’s on-screen smooch because she had such “big, soft lips”.

He said: “She's a cool kisser. Nice soft big lips - big lips are the key."