To say Chris O'Dowd enjoyed filming a video campaign with beautiful topless women is an understatement. Actor Chris O'Dowd has filmed a comedy video with a group of topless female trampolinists in support of the Male Cancer Awareness Campaign.

The Bridesmaids star shot the spoof with a bevy of beauties bouncing on trampolines in the role of Lars, the health and safety officer at the fictional Topless Female Trampolining World Championships.

The video aims to raise awareness of male breast cancer and organizers hope it will attract millions of online viewers.

O'Dowd tells British newspaper The Sun, "Making this video was the best day of my life. I said I would do anything to help with the campaign... but this didn't really take a lot of persuading.

"Male cancers aren't as widely recognized... I just feel I was the right person to support this campaign.

"I come from a world of comedy and I find that if you make a joke out of something then people are far less intimidated by it. People are more likely to listen.

"There is a machismo about it that men really do need to get over. We really need to get over the last barrier - and that's ourselves."