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The history of boobs in 60 seconds - Holy Taco

20 movies about the first Great Depression that you can watch during the second Great Depression - Gawker

Having a shoe thrown at you by Random Task is the least of your worries. Really? Who throws a shoe? - TMZ

BBC Radio 1 Sam Sparrow Cover:

Fans of "The Office" will love's new "Addictionary," where fans can add words, browse words, and suggest words that there ought to be a word for. -

Dr. Pepper to keep their promise. If "Chinese Democracy" really is released this year. - Seriously, OMG! WTF?

Man kills bear with stick - Daily Mail

Quote of the day:

Ciara poses nude for Vibe. You know, 'nude' as in 'can't see anything nude' - The Blemish

Possible contenders to replace Robert Plant on a "Led Zeppelin" reunion tour - Ottawa Sun

A concerned mother seeks advice about her son's obsession with "camel toads" - ebaumsworld

Christian Slater on Inside the Actors Studio:

Holy Taco's tribute to the 'naughty nurse.' You'd get hurt a lot more if nurses looked like this. - Holy Taco

"Who's Nailin' Paylin" - TMZ hooked up with the script. - TMZ

Check out Adele's latest video for her cover of Bob Dylan's "Make You Feel My Love"

Older-than-dirt supermodel Carol Alt will pose in the November issue of Playboy. -

Interesting factoid:
The opening night of Katie Holmes' Broadway show "All My Sons" next Thursday will be targeted by anti-Scientology demonstrators, who are planning to protest outside New York's Gerald Schoenfeld Theater. The actress, whose husband Tom Cruise is an outspoken follower of the controversial religion, was also targeted by campaigners when she made her stage debut last month.

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